How often should you water in summer?

Water less often but thoroughly – (Watering Deeply)
Watering deeply is a common garden phrase meaning that it is better to water generously once a week rather than to water superficially every day or so.

Water early in the morning or later in the evening.
Watering in the evening provides around 8 hours of darkness when your plants have enough time to absorb moisture from the ground.

Watering Baskets or Containers
Before watering a container always check that the soil actually needs more water. Over watering is just as harmful to a plant as under watering.

To test a container, push your finger into the soil half three quarters down. If the soil feels dry at the end of your finger the container needs water. This can change quickly on a hot or windy day, so if in doubt do check again and water if necessary.

Watering Grass
In the middle of summer 1 sqm requires approximately 20 litres of water every seven days. Watering depends on the rainfall you get. If you have not had any rain then water deeply.
Perfect watering time is between 6am – 10am. Unlike plants, grass does not benefit from watering in the evening as the air is cooler which means the soil stays wet for too long. This encourages disease, fungus and moss.

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