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What should I do to my lawn in April?

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My lawn looks very drab what can I do to bring it back to life? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Frank,

We would normally encourage our forum users to answer each other but as you are the first to post a question, we thought we'd jump on and answer.

Our advice would be to:

  • Give your lawn a good rake to remove dead grass etc.
  • Feed lawn and treat any weeds and moss with a good lawn feed & weed
  • Overseed any bare areas
  • Cut lawn but ensure your lawnmower is on a high cutting setting.
  • Lay new turf

We hope this helps!

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Posted by: @hollandhouseadmin
  • Feed lawn and treat any weeds and moss with a good lawn feed & weed

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Maybe you need to create an environmentally friendly atmosphere to be able to use the land area into a quiet thing to pass the day.